Brittany Trow & Cadence

Ellie Moore & Jeb

Lanie Burris & Charlie

Natalie Horton & Belle

Allison Wiles & Lady

Shyanne Schebler & Hottie

Jade Simek & Cody

Kevin Lubin & Chance

Anndawnika Neevil & Dawson


Cadence Equestrian Drill Team was started by a few dedicated students in winter 2011.  Originally an english styled drill team, the team has changed over the year into two seperate teams.  While the english team that incorperates jumping within their drill has taken a break indefinatly, the western rodeo flag team grows through the years. 

This team performs all over the state of Alaska including rodeos in Anchorage, the Kenai, local events such as the Stallion Parade, AsQHA, and much more!  The riders know how to pump up a crowd and have some fun but they also participate in many hours of community service as a group.  The community service they have participated in is working with The Learning Farm, The Alaskan Equine Rescue, Rainbow Connection, and the City of Anchorage.


NEW to our program is the Cadence Equestrian JUNIOR drill team. The 12 member team has started practice in August and can't wait to show you what they've learned in the summer of 2014.  this team is coached by three of the senior members and is guided by Riley Veillon.  Members range in age from 7 years old to 13 years old!  Watch out for these kids- they learn quick!

The horses used for this team is a mixture of personally owned horses, R&J horses, Learning Farm Horses, and donated horses to the team.  We would like to thank the following people for their wonderful support of the team: Sandy Potter for the use of Cocoa, Nancy Burroughs for the use of Belle, Jeannette Cooley for the use of Dawson, Riley for the use of Jeb, Cadence, and Lady, and Deb Baines for the use of Blue, Tara, Roya, Cody, Mac and Klondike.

Book this team today for your equine venue for performance year 2013!



JR COACHES: Brittany Trow, Kaylee Sathers, & Shyanne Schebler



Liberty and Hottie

Maris and Cadence

Hailey and Tara

Theresa and George

Katy and Blue

MacKenzie and Lady

Hannah and Jeb

Breanna and Klondike

Evelyn and Dawson

Piper and Cody

Ryann and Mac



2013 Performances
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